we provide services before and after a WINTER Storm

Winter weather can cause serious disruption to businesses in Hampton Roads.  Snow and ice in a parking lot can create very hazardous conditions to patrons.  Clay-Mac can provide many options to manage a winter storm.  Pre-treating parking lots before a winter storm can help to minimize the build-up of ice on the pavement surface.  After the storm, clearing snow from the parking lot reduces the hazard of melting snow refreezing.

salt brine pre-treating

Salt brine is spray applied to dry pavement surfaces before a winter storm.  After the solution dries on the pavement, and film of salt is formed.  Once freezing precipitation begins to fall, the salt film causes the snow and ice to initially melt causing less accumulation on the pavement surface.  During heavier snow fall events, snow will accumulate on the pavement, however the ice pack formed by vehicle traffic is greatly reduced.

snow plowing

After an accumulating snow fall snow must be removed from pavement surface.  Our staff has been trained to plow snow from parking lots to minimize the loss of parking spaces or blocking access to facilities such as garbage dumpsters.  When space is limited in smaller parking lots, we can also load and haul the access snow stock piles.